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Rent Warranty

Even if your tenant's referencing was successful, things can occasionally go wrong. Should the worst happen, our Rent Warranty provides peace of mind by protecting your rental income.

If your tenant suffers redundancy, divorce, separation or ill-health, it may no longer be possible to comply with the terms of the Tenancy Agreement:-

Your tenant may be unable or unwilling to meet the rent

The tenant may fail to vacate the property at the end of the tenancy

There could be delays in regaining possession of your property

Possible disputes between landlord and tenant may delay rent

What is covered?

The Rent Warranty covers the entire rental income in the event of your tenant defaulting. We will pay the rent each month until such time as the property is re-let or until the end of the Waarnty term (max 12 months). Unlike insurance based products and rent guarantee schemes you will not be subject to an excess period so you can be assured that your full rent is covered from day one!

Is this rent guarantee insurance?

No. We simply believe in & therefore stand by the quality of our referencing process. Any rent payments made to customers comes from us which means that much of the red tape & claims procedures normally associated with rent guarantee products is eliminated.
If you would like to take out insurance, our Advanced, Premier, Priority, Guarantor & International reference reports are accepted by several insurance companies. Please ask customer services for details.

How much does it cost?

Our Rent Warranty costs just £10 per month (plus VAT) for monthly rent that does not exceed £1200. To cover rent between £1201 & £2000 costs £22 per month.

How do I apply for Rent Warranty protection?

Simply complete the online form provided your applicant is considered 'Low Risk' we will issue the Warranty on the same day. If you have not yet referenced your prospective tenant you can purchase our Premier Report which includes discounted referencing & Warranty protection.

International Report

The Rentchecks International credit & reference check report is a fully investigative solution for landlords & agents who need to verify the authenticity & suitability of prospective tenants who have resided outside of the UK.
Rentchecks is one of the only UK intelligence providers to share data with overseas credit & data bureaus for the purpose of International risk management. Our network of global partners enable us to verify the authenticity, identity & financial standing of your applicant regardless of which geographical region they originate from or now reside.
The International report takes approximately 4 working days to process and includes full referencing & all of the features set out below.