If you are considering renting a property within the next 3 months you are eligible to apply for your own full Advanced status report which will prove your suitability to potential landlords or agents.

Thousands of prospective tenants choose to take control of their own referencing as it not only protects their personal data but also ensures that they avoid expensive administration & referencing fees. Many landlords will favour applicants who already have verifiable credentials as this facilitates tenant selection without the need for additional costs or timely delays.
The final report will verify your current credit score, income & employment status in addition to your references. Your report will also include a maximum monthly rental recommendation to ensure that a prospective landlord can easily verify your ability to afford the proposed rent.

Order your report online or download a PDF application to complete. The fee which includes a full report & a certificate of suitability (valid for 3 months) is £38.34 inclusive. A £10 surcharge is payable if a same day priority decision is required.