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Tenant Fee Ban

From June 1st 2019 it will become a civil offence to charge potential tenants certain fees. Rentchecks has worked & collaborated with letting agents & landlords for the past 15 years to help them get the most from their business. In light of the challenges that this legislation introduces we have designed some additional revenue streams that we believe will enable agents to offset the subsequent lower incomes & move forward with minimal impact.
It goes without saying that quality referencing is critical to protect landlord's revenues, properties & agent's reputations. Following the GDPR legislation we rolled out an Approved Tenant Scheme & trialed it successfully with some of our agents. The scheme not only enables your prospective tenant to take control of the referencing process, it frees your staff up from form filling, ID collection & additional related administration.
Agents can now send their prospective tenants to via a unique link that can be published on a website or information pack. The tenant will submit their own application & receive their report once processed. The real benefit to agents & tenants alike is the enhanced protection of personal data & a streamlined reference process that reduces delays, administrative overheads & staff resources.

  • No form filling or ID collection required
  • PIN protected data protects against GDPR breaches
  • Rapid report authentication & credit limit*
  • Erases wasted time with failed applications
  • Valid for 3 months
*Enter a PIN online to view summary & applicant's monthly affordability limit

Tenant Fees Act 2019 Facts

As of June 1st 2019 every Express, Advanced, Priority & Guarantor application will be processed using our SearchSoft API technology. This enables us to assess the application & run a soft credit search within an hour of receipt.
If your applicant fails the SearchSoft process we will advise you & will not charge you. You then have the option of proceeding with the full application or ending it at this point which will prevent you from wasting time & money on an application that would have been declined.
We assess affordability, credit, income & delinquent history records to during the SearchSoft part of the process.


Rentchecks pay agents commission for a range of introductions & services ordered by prospective tenants & landlords. Please call us on 0333 012 4747 to discuss rates & volumes
We offer generous commissions for rent guarantee products including Rent Warranty. This can be a great way to earn an additional income for agents & remebember that commissions are payable on renewal also!
Our new suite of products include an online AST generator, intelligent property marketing tool (M2IQ) & historical rent arrears collection service (IOU.RENT). We offer great commissions to agents & introducers so please get in touch & start earning! If you are interested in becoming a Rentchecks introducer, please let us know & our team will happily put a bespoke package together for you.