Advanced Report

Our Advanced Report is a fully comprehensive referencing solution that investigates your applicant's ability to afford the proposed rent & their historical payment & tenancy performance.

In addition to thorough credit & financial insight, this report also considers the applicant's legal status to work & reside within the UK, validates their income & takes a reference from their previous landlord.
The final report includes a recommendation, risk calculation, score & transparent summary of our findings which amounts to an invaluable decision making tool for agents & landlords alike.

  • 6 year credit history inc linked addresses
  • ID, AML & Right to Reside (UK) verification
  • Income validation & affordability analysis
  • Employment reference collected
  • Landlord reference collected
  • Guarantor suitability check
  • Authentication of all referees
  • 2 page final report including recommendations
  • Delinquent tenant historical database search
  • Same day decision available (Priority Advanced*)
  • Approved for Rent Warranty & Guarantee insurance
  • *Additional fee is payable for same day Priority Report.

Express Credit Report

Users requiring a swift assessment of a prospective tenant can obtain an Express Report by submitting the applicant's details online or via fax.

The Express Report can be delivered via E-mail or fax within 2 hours (When submitted Mon-Fri 0900-1700). This Report includes a 6 year credit history report detailing CCJs, defaults, bankruptcies, adverse data and final score. Please note that references or referees are not verified within this Report. If full referencing is required, an Advanced Report should be ordered.

  • 6 year credit history search (Identifies CCJs, bankruptcies, & poor payment records).
  • Linked address summary (Locates undisclosed & associated addresses).
  • Address verification (Electoral Register & locate data).
  • Post analysis recommendation (Suggestions as to how to proceed once the applicant's data has been assessed).
  • Rentchecks System Alerts (Bad and high risk tenant's details are held within this database).
  • Reliable Acceptability score (Proven scoring system designed to assess the applicant's overall suitability).

Commercial Report

The Rentchecks Commercial Report validates Limited, PLC, Sole Traders, Charities & Partnerships looking to take responsibility for a tenancy or lease.

In addition to credit & financial investigations this report also includes trade referee feedback & contacts accountants to obtain a current financial reference.

  • Director or company officer credit search
  • Full company history & financial check
  • Accountant reference
  • Professional/Trade reference collection
  • Affordability analysis
  • Historical invoice payment search

Guarantor Report

Prospective Guarantors undergo a rigorous investigation as they are often used to support a weak tenancy application. Our prime concern is to ensure that the prospect is suitable to act in the capacity of Guarantor & can afford the proposed rent

Our report includes credit search data, income validation, UK home ownership records and any relevant financial data that may affect their ability to make a reliable future Guarantor

  • Credit search
  • Income validation
  • Land Registry search
  • Employment reference
  • Contact to confirm authorisation