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Platinum Agent Account

Our new processing system enables us to process applications within hours rather than days thanks to Open Banking, KYC & instant credit data. Whilst we verify incomes & even rent payments electronically we still utilise the skills of our inhouse priority reference team to contact employers & referees direct. The benefits to agents & their landlords are obvious from the outset as decision making can happen within 24 hours without minimising our dilligence & effective vetting standards.

International Candidate Vetting

Our International CVsure service includes overseas data bureau credit checks & full insight.

Rentchecks deliver a fully investigative solution for agents & employers who need to verify the authenticity & suitability of candidates who have resided outside of the UK. Rentchecks is one of the only UK intelligence providers to share data with overseas credit & data bureaus for the purpose of International risk management. Our network of global partners enable us to verify the authenticity, employment history & qualification status of your candidate regardless of which geographical region they originate from.