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Right To Reside UK

Every application processed by Rentchecks includes verification of the applicant's right to reside within the UK. This is applied to all applicants regardless of their nationality or origins.

To assist the process landlords & agents must take a copy of every applicant's passport, visa or ID document & enter the reference or document number on the application form.

Pilot programmes across some UK areas (eg Birmingham from December 1st 2014) stipulate that all landlords must verify their applicant's right to reside within the UK & it is anticipated that this will become legislation everywhere within the next 2 years.

Rentchecks is the only bureau within the UK to provide full International credit & risk assessments for agents & landlords. Our International checks have included Border Force & Right to reside verification since 2010 therefore you can be assured of a seamless & watertight process that will ensure compliance with all UK laws & legislation.
Below is a summary of the residency verification included by Rentchecks on all applicants.

  • UK Border Force Verification & Enquiry Process
  • DOCSCAN Passport & document authenticity.
  • Visa & ID Verification Checks
  • International Credit & Financial Status Verification*
*International Credit Check Fee Applies

UK Government Acceptable ID List
UK Government Right To Rent Information For Landlords
International Credit & Reference Application Form
UK Credit & Reference Application Form

International Candidate Vetting

Our International CVsure service includes overseas data bureau credit checks & full insight.

Rentchecks deliver a fully investigative solution for agents & employers who need to verify the authenticity & suitability of candidates who have resided outside of the UK. Rentchecks is one of the only UK intelligence providers to share data with overseas credit & data bureaus for the purpose of International risk management. Our network of global partners enable us to verify the authenticity, employment history & qualification status of your candidate regardless of which geographical region they originate from.

International Commercial Credit Vetting

Rentchecks verify the financial standing & suitability of companies based outside of the United kingdom.

Add On Solutions

Users requiring a swift assessment of a prospective tenant can obtain an Express Report by submitting the applicant's details online or via fax.

The Express Report can be delivered via E-mail or fax within 2 hours (When submitted Mon-Fri 0900-1700). This Report includes a 6 year credit history report detailing CCJs, defaults, bankruptcies, adverse data and final score. Please note that references or referees are not verified within this Report. If full referencing is required, an Advanced Report should be ordered.