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CVsure Pre-employment Vetting

It is a fact that many applicants are willing to exaggerate or falsify their previous achievements, positions, qualifications, accolades or awards to enhance their chances of securing employment.

CVsure by Rentchecks swiftly verifies your applicant's employment history, qualifications, references & financial status if required.
Simply upload your candidate's CV in any format & we will deliver a full verification report. A candidate application form is also available if preferred
Validating each applicant's background is a time consuming task which can make the recruitment process a daunting prospect for many employers and HR departments. Our CVsure service delivers a straightforward & hassle free solution. Documentation is uploaded in any format to eradicate the need for form filling or red tape. Our dedicated verification team immediately begin the process of authenticating the contents of your applicant's CV.

Previous Employment Verification The initial verification process considers the applicant's previous employment history. The Rentchecks verification team contact previous employers with a view to validating employment dates, roles & responsibilities. A reference is also obtained when it is requested by the prospective employer.

Academic & Professional Qualifications CVsure authenticate your applicant's qualifications by making contact with the awarding UK or International body/institution. Dates, grades & authenticity are verified.

Additional Requests Once a CV or resume has been uploaded requesting clients have several additional service options which can be added to the CV authentication process.
International Credit Check, DVLA check, Criminal Disclosures check, PCI DSS or AML checks can be requested for any applicant.

CVsure International Pre-employment Vetting

Our International CVsure service includes overseas data bureau credit checks & full insight.

Rentchecks deliver a fully investigative solution for agents & employers who need to verify the authenticity & suitability of candidates who have resided outside of the UK. Rentchecks is one of the only UK intelligence providers to share data with overseas credit & data bureaus for the purpose of International risk management. Our network of global partners enable us to verify the authenticity, employment history & qualification status of your candidate regardless of which geographical region they originate from.

Immigration status

Rentchecks verify your candidate's legal entitlement to work or reside within the UK. These checks cross reference UK Border Agency data with manual verification & intelligence.

The following 3 solutions are included within all CVsure International applications to safeguard you by quickly identifying problem applications whilst guaranteeing due diligence & employer compliance.
Our RESIDE verification service swiftly confirms the legal status of your applicant & their eligibility to reside within the UK.

DOCSCAN The authenticity of visa, Passport & ID documentation can be checked via our same day DOCSCAN service. Simply upload a copy of the documentation or enter the document reference numbers to validate International documentation from any region.

EMPLOY+ Rentchecks validate your applicant's eligibility to take up employment within the UK. This service is essential for HR professionals, employers & those who are required to demonstrate due diligence during the recruitment process.
Checks can also be run on existing employees & our EMPLOY+ service includes periodic status & eligibility monitoring to ensure that employers stay within the law & remain informed should an employee's circumstances or legal status change.

Add On Solutions

Users requiring a swift assessment of a prospective tenant can obtain an Express Report by submitting the applicant's details online or via fax.

The Express Report can be delivered via E-mail or fax within 2 hours (When submitted Mon-Fri 0900-1700). This Report includes a 6 year credit history report detailing CCJs, defaults, bankruptcies, adverse data and final score. Please note that references or referees are not verified within this Report. If full referencing is required, an Advanced Report should be ordered.