About Us

Rentchecks.com started life in 2003 & quickly became a go to solution for landlords and estate agents looking to validate their prospective tenant's suitability to enter into lease & tenancy agreements.

Rentchecks.com is available to agents, realtors & landlords across the globe with a dedicated presence in the UK, EU, US & UAE.

Every application processed by Rentchecks is assessed by an experienced rental risk analysis team who utilise a myriad of data sources to make a fair & accurate recommendation based on factual historical data.
Rentchecks has maintained a database of delinquent & problem tenants over the years and accepts entries from other referencing partners, agents and private landlords. Every applicant is checked against this database which has proved to be an essential extra layer of protection for all parties involved in the lettings process.

In addition to tenant referencing, Rentchecks also delivers pre employment screening & personnel intelligence to employment agencies, HR departments & SMEs. Our screening solutions are accurate & speedy due to our unique blend of meticulous, manual investigation & data driven partnerships.

With data bureau links around the globe & service provision outlets in America, Asia & Europe, Rentchecks is at the forefront of International data sharing & global applicant intelligence provision. This niche enables Rentchecks to deliver full insight with minimal delays regardless of an applicant's geographic origin or domain.

Express Credit Report

Users requiring a swift assessment of a prospective tenant can obtain an Express Report by submitting the applicant's details online or via fax.

The Express Report can be delivered via E-mail or fax within 2 hours (When submitted Mon-Fri 0900-1700). This Report includes a 6 year credit history report detailing CCJs, defaults, bankruptcies, adverse data and final score. Please note that references or referees are not verified within this Report. If full referencing is required, an Advanced Report should be ordered.

Advanced Report

Our most popular report covers all bases with a fully comprehensive credit, ID, rental history & income verification check.

The Advanced Report identifies CCJs, defaults, bankruptcies, adverse data, affordability issues, employment fragility & historical debt indicators. It is essential that these risk flags are identified from the outset so that additional security can be requested. This prevents high risk & unsuitable tenants from taking occupancy without safeguards or additional security being put in place.

International Report

Overseas applicants who have resided within the UK for less than 3 years must complete our International vetting.

The International (EU) Report can be completed within 24 hours (When submitted Mon-Fri 0900-1700)provided a complete application & ID is submitted online. The Rentchecks International Report includes a 6 year International credit history report detailing judgments, defaults, bankruptcies, adverse data and a final score. References, international ID & bank account data is also verified within this Report. International applications from outside of the EU (except US & UAE) will take 48-72 hours to process.